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Quality professionals

The people who carry out verifications of compliance with international standards and norms must not only be trained and updated in these methodologies or standards, but must also have the necessary experience and skills. The location of these consultants, advisers or auditors, the management of their availabilities, the duration of the verifications, the type of report expected and the delivery times thereof, are matters that demand time, coordination and negotiation, within a framework of high levels of professionalism, trust and ethics.

Why be an Echeck partner?

Access to Echeck APP at a lower price

Access to project exchange

Pack review (deliverable quality review)

Service support (at the IT and project level)

Legal coverage

Access to clients in the region

Credits per project and referred auditor (multilevel)

Advertising and Internet presence (visibility)

Access to technical standards and update bulletin

Project management + KPIs per project

Database of Non-Conformities by Project for follow-up

Audit & Project Log

Portfolio collection

Automated and guaranteed scheduling in case of project cancellation by the client

Periodic training (courses by levels).

Locations of our team

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